Rockbound also helps many businesses, organizations, and households with networking. A small job might be replacing an ailing wifi router at a home. Bigger jobs may involve lightning proof fiber optic networking between buildings on a campus, with wifi in multiple locations.


  • Routers and switches from Mikrotik
  • Wifi APs from Mikrotik and Ubiquiti Unifi
  • Unmanaged switches
  • Cat6 patch panels
  • Ethernet patch cables
  • Ubiquiti outdoor radios for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint ethernet networks
  • Fiber optic cables and media conversion
  • Ubiquiti IP high-def security camera systems and private webcams


  • Email migrations to Google Apps or Microsoft Office365
  • New or upgraded Business computer networks
  • Wifi for indoors and outdoors, optional separate guest networks
  • Digital Video Recorder systems for IP cameras
  • VPNs for securely accessing office computers or files, or site-site connections
  • Point-Of-Sale infrastructure installation
  • Reviewing security of other IT service vendors