On-the-road labor rates:best1

$89-98 without service plan, 1-way travel time. (Less for service plan customers; please inquire)

Shop rates:

Flat rates:

$40 – Diagnostic or minimum fee. This is for easy fixes or non-sales advice on what to do next.

$45-100 (typically) Data recover/backup/restore. Copy data from a failed computer onto a USB drive, external hard drive, or new computer. Usually included with a new computer purchase

$70 Virus/Spyware cleanup. A common service which should be done when computer get slow or behave poorly!

$99 Virus/Spyware cleanup + hardware testing. We do the above, plus test the hard drive for reliability/errors and test the memory for errors. Also common service.

$139 Reinstall operating system – Sometimes starting clean is best. This includes installing the OS, updates, anti-virus, and other Rockbound tools.

Hourly Rates:

$70 Hourly rate for non-flat-fee services

$70 Hourly rate for remote support via phone and screen-sharing